Tirumala Temple

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The Sri Venkateswara Sanctuary is a Vaishnava sanctuary arranged in the slope town of Tirumala at a height of 853m in the Chittoor locale of Andhra Pradesh, India. The sanctuary is devoted to Venkateswara, a manifestation of Vishnu, who is accepted to have showed up here to save humanity from preliminaries and Kalyug.

The Tirumala sanctuary is otherwise called the Sanctuary of Seven Slopes, in light of its area on the Venkata Slope, the seventh slope of the Sapta-skandhas of the Vimanastha. The sanctuary complex involves various little sanctuaries and altars, including the Garuda vimana, the Vaikuntha vimana, and the Govindaraja vimana.

The Tirumala sanctuary is one of the eight Vishnu Swayambhu kshetras and is viewed as the most hallowed of all the 108 Divya Desams of Vishnu. It is likewise one of the most visited journey habitats on the planet, with more than 50 million guests yearly.

Tirumala Temple

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